“Not too late to…”

An architect and stylist; an interior designer and stylist; a 3D artist and post-producer; a 3D artist and architect: we are four designers whose specialties (and characters) seamlessly combine and complement each other. We're together to create photorealistic environments, clear indoor and outdoor microcosms that inhabit screens, covers, videos, catalogs, and magazines. We give a clean face to local and international decorative projects through paper or digital materials. We do this by balancing multiple elements — geographic fantasies and futuristic geometries, influential trends, and iconic inspirations to compose multifaceted dialogues between people, objects, and dimensions of today.

Our background experiences, rooted in the architectural contexts of different cities, led us to the same place: that's Notoo, an independent and multidisciplinary studio with windows on a castle in the heart of Emilia Romagna, Italy. From here, we keep finding new ways to move across publishing and advertising inventiveness, letting ourselves be guided by superior technology, a specific creative intuition, and a delightful pinch of unpredictability.