Never too late to visit us: welcome to Notoo’s place

Welcome to our Studio, and welcome to Notoo, that's short for "Not too late to..." That's our mood: a reassuring yet adventurous open expression. It makes us feel like something's always about to start. That's right — we are 3D space professionals inspired by time, which someone identifies as the fourth dimension. So we modeled our Studio to keep the doors open between breaks and deadlines, leisure, and work. To both explore our ideas and keep them safe. 

In other words, a place to treasure every minute. We wanted it not too relaxed but not too structured, conveying something meaningful about us and our creations. 

An old apartment nested above the arcades of an Italian village at the gates of a fourteenth-century castle conquered us. The retro atmosphere and the original elements - especially the corrugated ceiling and checkered floor - immediately welcomed the clean and informal elegance we spread among a working space, a meeting spot, and a tiny lounge area to receive customers and collaborators.

Our furnishings, although contemporary, immediately found solace within these high, white walls. We brought in a fully equipped kitchen, a made-to-measure bookcase, pop prints, decorative vases, and comfortable seats with different functions. Also, we added some ironic touches making us smile. Starting from the large shared table where we concentrate our energies to the max, we have composed a sort of indoor puzzle alternating fine artisanship and pieces of personal creative stories.